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Length: 1492 мм

Width: 480 мм

Height: 540 (840) мм

Weight: 24 kg



Length: 1575 мм

Width: 730 мм

Height: 1665 мм

Weight: 49,5 kg



Length: 1335 мм

Width: 1225 мм

Height: 610 мм

Weight: 60 kg



Length: 935 мм

Width: 550 мм

Height: 1980 мм

Weight: 60 kg



Length: 1245 мм

Width: 645 мм

Height: 745 мм

Weight: 30 kg



Length: 2370 мм

Width: 590 мм

Height: 1195 мм

Weight: 79,4 kg



Length: 2270 мм

Width: 1600 мм

Height: 1200 мм

Weight: 77 kg



Length: 1728 мм

Width: 1330 мм

Height: 1980 мм

Weight: 120 kg



Length: 1980 мм

Width: 1730 мм

Height: 1950 мм

Weight: 126,8 kg



Length: 1980 мм

Width: 1165 мм

Height: 2030 мм

Weight: 104 kg



Length: 1175 мм

Width: 592 мм

Height:1635 (2135) мм

Weight: 37,5 kg



Length: 1260 мм

Width: 720 мм

Height: 1320 мм

Weight: 55,4 kg



Length: 1190 мм

Width: 492 мм

Height: 1190 мм

Weight: 54 kg



Length: 1735 мм

Width: 570 мм

Height: 1700 мм

Weight: 42,8 kg



Length: 520 мм

Width: 1090 мм

Height: 1705 мм

Weight: 35 kg

If there is a playground near your house, it will be perfect to install state of the art outdoor fitness equipment there. The main condition is quality that is ensured by the outdoor exercise equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Outdoor exercise machines are popular inventory, both for professional sports and fitness, for adults and for teenagers, for parks and for home, for garden and for backyards. Equipment rarely remains unoccupied. Anyone might agree that exercising outdoors is useful.

Outdoor gym sets are installed at playgrounds, stadiums, the territory of sports schools and universities. Physical activities outside ensure good health!

Advantages of children's exercise equipment

After you have compared the outdoor gym equipment prices and found the best variants for sale, you must be sure that the chosen equipment will be not only a source of enjoyment but that it will also be safe. The logical solution for the playground is a sports and gaming complex.

Its installation will help adults to organize the leisure of kids with benefit. Having in the arsenal of several types of equipment, you can equip an excellent sports ground. You can do it in the courtyard of a private house, and on the territory of a block of flats.

The use of quality materials increases service life as the equipment is reliable and durable. In addition, it is a guarantee of security.

Cooperation with our online store

The customers who are in search of an outdoor gym and would like to know everything about the outside gym prices should definitely use our site as we offer a wide range of outdoor gym equipment by the manufacturer. We offer dozens of different models at a reasonable price.

You might find only the most reliable products on our site. All the equipment has been manufactured and certified according to Ukrainian quality standards. The outdoor exercise machines undergo the testing procedures before they are delivered to the customer. Only authentic details are used in the manufacturing process.

The inventory framework is made of stainless steel that is moisture-proof. Also, it is resistant to corrosion. Due to this, the equipment has a long service life. The outdoor gym equipment is usually covered with powder paint. The machines designed for exercising the arm muscles are equipped with special rubber handles.

The equipment does not require special care. It is enough to wipe the surface from dust and dirt before you start exercising. Also regularly inspect it for damage and scratches in order to enjoy it for as long as possible.

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