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Length: 3085 мм

Width: 515 мм

Height: 2655 мм



Length: 2130 мм

Width: 515 мм

Height:1830 мм



Length: 2400 мм

Width: 515 мм

Height: 1685 мм



Length: 2130 мм

Width: 525 мм

Height: 1760 мм



Length: 1993 мм

Width: 516 мм

Height: 1440 мм

One of the most popular attractions for the children is the descent of an outdoor slide, which brings many positive emotions.

Our site offers a huge variety of playground slides for sale. All the products on our site are not high. Parents should not worry that a child can be injured during the descent from such a structure. Each model has its own interesting features. Each such slide is made of durable materials to endure the weight of a large number of children.

Mostly the kids’ slides are set for children from 2 to 5 years. The height of the largest of the models presented on our website does not exceed 2.6 meters. The standard width is 0.5 meters.

The children’s slide designs are quite stable and safe. Their main advantage is that after the installation, they can be disassembled. You can always install such a garden slide at any site with a limited number of tools.

Our cheap slides are made of durable but lightweight materials to reduce the incoming load and increase such a product's duration.

Mostly the materials used for the manufacture of slides are:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • plywood;
  • plastic.

All the materials above perform certain functions while installing a slide. Thus, the metal framework of the product is designed to withstand heavy loads on the entire construction. Also, metal supports ensure rigidity and prevent deformation of all the elements. The slide descent is made of a flexible metal profile that undergoes several stages of grinding and polishing.

The wood plays the main surface of the slide, the steps, and the main railing. They cover all the metal elements, thus decreasing the risk of injuries. All wooden elements are treated with special solutions that prevent the boards from cracking or dampening.

Plywood is used as a decorative element. Plywood is also treated with solutions to prevent damage from the sun and moisture. Our website's slides in the catalogs are made from high-quality, reliable, and environmentally friendly materials. Plywood in such structures is strong enough and can withstand heavy loads.

Plastic is also present in the slides. It is quite durable and elastic and can tolerate temperature and mechanical stress. Mostly this material is used as sides on the descent. It reduces the risk of injuries during the descent.

All materials are treated with environmentally friendly and chemically neutral paint.

If you need to buy a slide, contact us and our manager will help you with the decision.

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