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Outdoor Games for Kids

Playing games outdoors is very good for children both in warm and cold weather the year round. This is not an activity from the past. This is badly needed, being a key to kids’ health at all times. You cannot replace it with a smartphone or any other device with a touch screen and Internet. We want to remind you some most popular outside games for kids, but, first, let’s talk about their benefits.

Why are garden games for preschoolers so important?

When children are occupied with playing with friends running, throwing balls, lifting objects, and applying their motor skills in any different way, doing aerobic exercises, their health is built up. They burn calories and strengthen bones and muscles. Spending time in the open air, they reduce stress levels, improve lung function, and distant vision. On sunny days they receive a required amount of vitamin D in the body and reinforce their immunity. Moreover, interaction with agemates provides natural conditions for social and emotional development.

Playing fun outdoor games for kids, they become more sensitive, develop perceptual abilities, absorb plenty of new information, master new behavioral skills, and share them then and there. That is a kind of natural interchanging. The surrounding helps them to apply their quick wit, imagination, abilities to reach the result. But along with this, they have fun communicating and cooperating. Such activity is the best way for kids to satisfy a natural curiosity about the world around them, develop organizational skills, become self-directed and initiative. 

We hope that we have offered quite convincing reasons to make the garden games for kids regular.

Popular activities in the open air

There are so many games which are usually connected with physical activity like catching, chasing, running, jumping. For instance, there is a well-known game Hunter and Guard for a group of kids. Most of the team should hide in the park and one of them is expected to find everyone. Another nice game Blind Man’s Buff brings a lot of fun but here you should be careful not to hurt a blindfold kid which is turned round to feel disoriented and expected to tag one of the others.  By the way, it was played at Tudor times already. Let’s remember the following marvelous activity - Catch the Dragon’s Tail. It requires at least 10 persons of any age who should form a line keeping their hands on the shoulders of those who go ahead. Then, the first kid (the head) is trying to catch the last one in the line (the tail), maneuvring but avoiding to break the whole line.

The above outdoor party games for kids do not demand any equipment, but if you want your kids to be more satisfied, you’d better consider the following garden games for preschoolers:

  • Swinging is a very pleasant movement known by everybody. It develops balance, provides a sensory and vestibular input, and allows kids to feel secure due to a comfortable seat. They will get exciting experience.

  • Sliding. The particular outdoor playground equipment with a shorter or longer stand and smooth surface suiting children of all ages. Some of them are able to sustain the adults.

  • Riding on a merry-go-round means that you, being inside spin a suggested wheel which makes the whole structure with the seats, if there are, move around. You can choose the speed you like and enjoy the movement.

  • Playing in sandboxes. Small kids will be delighted to play in sand that is why almost any playground is equipped with such an object.

  • Rocking. Everybody knows a rocking horse made of wood usually. Lovely design adds to the virtues of this safe equipment. There are also seesaws of various kinds with simple design but with great potential.

  • Using play structures. In addition to the above, the kids can spend their time playing in various structures, houses, towers, and more with stairs, roofs and what else!

The outside games for kids with the above “furniture” brings a lot of fun and laugh. You will not have to encourage kids to participate in the above activities. The view at those marvelous constructions will motivate them to explore every corner of the playing garden. The kids are very creative and play with them in a different way.

If still there are some obstacles, initiate an interesting activity to build a castle of the sand or to slide a particular number of times during 5 minutes. In other words, use the available tools and combine them in various ways to draw the kids’ attention.

All activities of the above are perfect for playing in the playground. And the equipment for all of them is available on our site at the best prices possible. We offer the items of the highest quality with reliable joints and joyful colorful design. We have all that you can think about for outdoor games for children including labyrinth, ships, locomotives, cars, busses, complexes containing various slides with stairs, and more.

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