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Proper Kids Playground Design

Playgrounds for kids include slides, swings, climbers, merry-go-rounds and tons of other funny objects encouraging little users to play and at the same time to develop their speed, balance, and coordination. The children communicate with each other while playing and develop social skills, in addition. It seems to be so easy to plan and create such location but indeed there are a lot of influencing factors and details to consider. In reality a playground design is very demanding including a wide range of restrictions.

Key elements

You will succeed in playground architecture if you think over the following issues: 

  • Kids should have enough space to jump, run, hip, climb – to move a lot and in various styles. Make sure that this ground is large enough and incorporates the natural world like green grass, sand, and water providing a dynamic environment where they will apply their manipulative skills.

  • The early childhood playground design should make it attractive. It should even feel interesting due to colors, textures and sounding developing kids’ imagination.

  • You should find such components which are able to strengthen upper body of children like monkey bars, chain ladders and more. Also there should be elements for developing balance.

  • Create opportunities for competition. It can be parallel climbing bars or a double slide. In addition to stations, suggest the fields for basketball and football. Anyway, make sure that the equipment does not stand on dirt or concrete – both variants are not acceptable.

  • Do not forget about traditions which are loved by everybody. You should find place for springers, slides, swings, carousels, and other common elements which suggest a reliable set of activities useful for early years children. It is easy to develop motor and other skills within such equipment.

  • In particular, if it is not a home playground design, it would be great if you manage to create a multigenerational plan for the whole family. Think over sheds with benches and picnic tables.

  • As far as mostly kids love animals it would be nice to include animal-themed equipment for safe playing like horse seesaws.

What is important in outdoor playground design?

Before turning to a designer you’d better understand your needs and possibilities. You should be aware of your budget, an estimated number of users and their average age. Think of those who may have specific needs. Decide whether you will buy the equipment at once or in parts. Are there reasons to set timing for installation or other restrictions? All the above issues help you to estimate your future expenses connected with children's playground design plans. You will clearly understand equipment cost, shipping, marketing, safety elements, and installation itself. The experts say that usually people spend 50% on equipment, 30% - transporting costs and installation, and 20% - finishing.

When approximate budget is clear, you should start looking for a plot of land. It can be a separate spacious area or restricted territory near the house. That is why it is nice to have playground designs for backyards and other conditions. You should think over the area with reliable drainage, be relatively flat allowing a slight slope to eliminate water gathering after raining. Be sure that maintenance will not cost too much after such moments with water. 

The playground should be divided into two separate areas: for kids aged up to 5 years old, and for 5-12-year old users. The early years playground design requires particular approach. At this age it is vital to supervise a kid who learns very quickly and improving his skills tries to go beyond and that can be dangerous without supervision. They will develop fine and gross motor skills, strength, coordination, and balance. While the older kids will play in a different way and that is why you’d better provide separate areas for preschoolers and older kids.

 As far as a playground has structures connecting various play activities, you should include various items. Make sure that all of them safe and located properly to avoid any risks of injury. Select only reliable equipment of certified manufacturers. It is important to ensure that used material is durable and eco-friendly. The equipment should be easily installed by qualified masters. It is very important to provide a proper surfacing which can be made of wood chips, manufactured wood fiber, poured-in-place rubber or tiles. Some of them expensive, others are cheap. If there is a sense, choose by this criterion.

Any of the above recommendations can be applied with help of our equipment which you can buy right now and it will be delivered to your site immediately. Just get in touch with us by phone. We help you with your playground design plans and all elements intended for this purpose.

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