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News Peculiarities of Bodyweight Street Workout

Peculiarities of Bodyweight Street Workout

If you want to train and use nothing but simple equipment and your own body, then bodyweight street workout is for your especial benefit. It includes strength training which is usually based on progressively increase of the force output of the muscle achieved by performing the exercises targeting certain muscle groups. Though, it is mostly an anaerobic activity, some aerobic elements can be used also. This is a stunning and free alternative to gyms. 

Below we’ll suggest some basic and advanced exercises.

What are the benefits of bodyweight workouts?

Every bodyweight exercise involves multiple muscle groups and makes you strain yourself a lot, as a result your heart rate pumps causing burning the calories extensively. You will be able to build strength without spending a lot of hours a week. 

Such workout develops balance and overall physical fitness allowing you to get lots of satisfaction. In addition, it improves your heart health and mood, makes your bones and joints strong, being incredibly useful for building muscles. And do not forget that your muscles will be built even when you are resting and that will burn calories even when you do not work out due to this lovely “afterburn” effect. That is why this is important to refuse training the same muscle groups over two consecutive days.

You do not need a gym as far as you can use almost any playground for this purpose, though, the particular equipment designed for the bodyweight training would be preferable and you will find it in your city, we hope.

Get strong with the following exercises

Before you commence, you should do a warm up like a brief running in place which makes your muscles get warmed and that will prevent sever injury risks. Instead of running or in addition to it, you can jump rope or do punches, kicks, push-ups, or at least swing and twist your limbs. Now you can proceed with basic and advanced exercises.

We are going to discuss the most frequent bodyweight exercises which can be used for outdoors training. They are available for everyone at different age, of any sexes, and do not conflict with any religions and interests of socioeconomic classes. You can do them whenever you want in order to promote a healthy living and great sporty look. 

Sometimes bodyweight fitness is called calisthenics training which means diversity of movements exercising large muscle groups rhythmically and almost without equipment. Both kinds of workout involve all muscles and can be done in parks – any outdoor location with needed exercise stations. Usually any city has a well-developed infrastructure where there is such a place with module based areas, pull up bars, benches, and other required implements. You are free to choose any exercises available within such a format but there are the key ones which are enough to make you feel and look better:

  • Pull-ups. You will improve your upper body with this exercise if you find a bar established upwards. You should grip it with your hands and try to pull your body up. That is a challenge!

  • Push-ups. There are variations but in any case the main target of this activity is to make your chest, arms, shoulders, and upper back stronger without any implement.

  • Squats. They are for almost every single leg muscle, but hips and buns are worked out in particular.

  • Dips. It is an upper-body strength exercise which is very efficient for triceps. You need a kind of bench to lean your palms on it and your endurance.

  • Muscle-ups. This movement connects a pull-up with a dip and should be done on a non-moving bar.

  • Planche. This is an exercise which trains all your body. It is rather simple to execute but not easy to complete especially if you do its progressions. Its virtue cannot be overstated. It is really challenging in its complex variations demanding strength and midline stability.

  • Human flag. It is rather difficult requiring preparation and extensive upper body strength. You should grab a vertical bar with your hands and hold the body parallel to the ground.

There are much more exercises for your bodyweight strength training which will help you to get in shape without going to gym. 


This activity has become very popular due to its unique possibilities. You can be creative and improvise, sharing your experience with other participators of the process. It promotes a healthy lifestyle even for those who cannot afford the gym for any reason: lack of time or cash crunch. It is much easier to go in the park near your house and spend half an hour for street workout. It attracts people of any fitness conditioning. 

Versatility of street workout training, which combines aesthetic movements, confident control and strength, really impresses and you are not restricted with the particular movements which is typical of any fitness machine. It gains new fans all over the world being safe and highly efficient.

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