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News Street Workout for Beginners

Street Workout for Beginners

There is a perfect way to stay in shape. This is street workout sport which gains recognition throughout the world. It is not only a set of exercises but it is a social movement regulated by an international organization, the so called WSWCF (World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation) which unites supporters including disabled people, establishes goals, coordinates related issues, develops the routines including an efficient beginner workout, and arranges the events like championships and games.

Thus, you understand that this sport by nature serves as a social activity at the same time. And when you get engaged in it, you are welcome to join the large community of like-minded persons and take part in competitions. If you do not feel anxiety to go that far, you can just do street workout on your local stations somewhere in a park and enjoy being healthy and physically fit.

What is the result?

If you are a street workout beginner, you hardly know all virtues of this activity. Just imagine! You can train your strength with little equipment increasing loading on various muscle groups step by step and achieve the brilliant effects. Mainly, it is connected with anaerobic activity. It makes you work out hard using your body only, burn the calories, improve your endurance, build your muscles and strength. Remember that there is no need to work out the same muscle groups every day. You should make a brief pause to let your muscles be built.

This sport allows creativity. You can combine various elements. There are no restrictions as to age or gender and most exercises can be done nearly at any place but it would be better if you find the special outdoor station with such structures as bars and benches.

Core exercises for beginners

The street workout exercises for beginners and skilled sportsmen mostly include push-ups, dips, pull-ups, handstands, planche, squads, and variations. There are some advanced progressions also, but now we are going to consider only beginner core workout.

  • First, you should warm up. Choose between running in place, jumping rope, boxing or pushing up even. The key purpose of this stage is to make your muscles get warmed and ready for more serious loading.

  • Then, you can continue with your arms and pull-up. This exercise is not very easy. If your arms are not strong enough, use an elastic band which supports your body hanging on a bar. You should use the so called pronated palm grip. To start with, you are expected to toughen the back muscles and only then extend with arms pulling your body up. You can use a wide or narrow pronated grip. The former is more difficult but more efficient.

  • Now we recommend to do dips with bench in order to add to your upper body, in particular to improve your triceps. Find something like a bench, turn your back on it, bend your legs and lean against this structure resting your hands on its seat. Your spine should be kept straight. Start to bend your arms forcing the elbows backwards and then from the lowest position push yourself up. Only triceps must do work without help of your legs. If you want to make it more complex, do this exercise with straight legs. It is possible to do digs hanging on parallel bars, but this is hardly the variation for a beginner bodyweight workout.

  • At last, it is time to push up. You will work out your shoulders, upper back, chest and arms without any implement. Just get down with your face down. Put your arms on the ground on each side of your chest and bend them. Keep your legs straight or lean on knees to make it easier. Now push up straighten your arms holding the back straight.

  • Return to a bar and grab it with arms. Hanging on it you can exercise abs raising your knees or straight legs towards your chest. The latter is a more complicated variation. Try to keep your body under control and ensure it is stable when you raise your legs. 

  • It is high time to pay attention to your thighs with buttocks, and do squats. There are so many variations of this extremely efficient exercise that you can diverse your calisthenics for beginners as you like. The traditional way is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart or a little wider, bend your knees driving you butt backward until your legs make a right angle. Your feet, both toes and heels, should be on the ground all the time. Keep your shoulders back without rounding them and your chest up. Straighten your legs. 20 squads per a day will be enough to start with.

  • Finish with a planche holding it for 30 seconds at least.

Easy and useful

By the way, do not be confused by a new word. The beginner calisthenics workout is almost the same with body weight training for beginners. This sport is for all allowing you to do without gym and promote a healthy lifestyle. If you follow the instructions and pace yourself, you will be safe and get the perfect result in a short time. You will get a sculpted body, improve your health and mood. Do not forget to measure the intensity of workout controlling rate or pulse.

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